AMSED network meetings 2019 close up in Turkey 

This last network meeting in Turkey was the opportunity to recall the objectives of the network and to place in perspective the network’s learning outcomes over 2 years. This gathering was also organised in order to look at the methods employed, the themes covered and to qualify expected results for the 2020 Action Plan.

During this few days, the participants had the chance to discuss about a new strategy of sharing and disseminate results at local, European and international level with the participation of partners from MEDA countries.

Finally, the participants suggested the creation of a charter between partners. Here are some of the propositions :

  1. Selection of participants by the signatory partners of the project (avoid external participants from social networks in particular)
  2. Preparation of participants before the seminar by the sending association
  3. Signature of the infopack by the partner and participants
  4. Appointment of the social committee by the trainers and facilitator in order to avoid any internal conflict among participants
  5. Information and preparation for the seminar by the partner and at least one of the facilitators/leaders of the group of participants during the webinar
  6. Preparation of accommodation adapted to the project and the participants – logistical preparation to be known by the participant (contribution to the household and the well-being of all)
  7. The use of alcohol is limited during seminars
  8. Communication with the partner must be fluid in the case of a problem with the participant.