2020 European Month

The month of May was very different on the networks, it was a month where we celebrated Europe, through various cultural, interactive and educational activities. The COVID episode forced us in the immediate term to think differently about our methods and means of communication, by strengthening our remote exchanges, opening the way to new forms of cooperation and highlighting our initiatives. Celebrating the values of the European Union and the Council of Europe in the same way as in previous years was a real challenge.

Thus, at the initiative of AMSED and its international partnerships, a gradual resumption of activities in France and Europe has given new impetus to the actions! This has given way to a European self that is open to diversity and a variety of great activities. Games, quizzes, testimonials, lectures, videos, manuals and cookbooks are all available!

The image of a Europe open to solidarity actions, to the sharing of experiences, to a rich cultural diversity for the common good of all has been a key criterion. Here you will find the European mobility of young and old through many activities of solidarity, cooperation, fun and mutual help.


Numerous filmed testimonies of young Europeans were collected during the confinement. Coming from the four corners of Europe: France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Austria, they testify about their activities during these two months of closure. Everyone invests in their studies, leisure activities, community involvement … Young people tell of their feelings and their changed outlook through this epidemic. Allowing them to take stock of their lives, discovering new passions and strong desires for improvement on several scales without forgetting personal well-being. personnel.



An online quizz to fight against false information related to the COVID-19 virus in Europe. We get a ton of information, whether it’s on television or on the networks. But how do we know which ones are true? The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is conducive to the spread of rumours. The sudden and almost continuous flow of information can cause fear and spread stress. It’s up to you to play journalist and untangle the real from the fake through this quiz. Here you will find answers to some of your questions.


Because children are the citizens of tomorrow’s Europe, here is a short quiz to explain Europe to the youngest. What could be more fun than learning by playing? Games and quizzes will allow your children to discover Europe in a new way. You will find in this link a manual to discover the main notions of the European Union and its different member countries.



Europe Month is, of course, a month for all the member countries of this Union. So what could be better than a cookbook highlighting each country? You will find 27 traditional recipes from the 27 European countries. Enough to travel while staying in your own kitchen! Everyone knows that gastronomy is an integral part of a country’s cultural heritage. It thus tells the story of the influence of peoples who, over the centuries, have shaped the history and identity of a nation. This booklet contains many recipes, tips and advice. So don’t wait any longer to discover the taste and smell of the specialities of our neighbouring countries!s !