Summer newsletter: Urban agriculture, a way to boost awareness of sustainable development objectives

The goal of this project is to improve knowledge and to increase awareness about environmental challenged and citizenshio education, by taking concrete masures through urban agriculture as a way to boost awareness among an underprivileged public (priority neighborhoods inhabitants, persons in precarious situation, refugees…). The objective is to make them aware of the emerging need for production and consumption alternatives, and to respond to these needs, thus promoting the achievement of the sustainable development objectives.


Organic appelsauce making workshop 

On Saturday, July 24, a small group of 5 people (4 being registered on our lists for the AIR project) spent their afternoon at the AMSED garden when we were all together. At first, the group took advantage of the garden to discuss all together, then we started the workshop:

  • Preparation and making organic applesauce: cooking with firewood from the garden


It was a nice workshop, we could talk and have a good time. Doing such a thing in a shared garden allowed us to leave the urban setting of Strasbourg to connect with the living world but also to cook diffrently, with eco-friendly products and without consuming man-made energy.


Sustainable Development Objectives Awareness Workshop

On Thursday, July 29, in AMSED, we had held a Sustainable Development Goals stand. It was aimed at a mixed public, in terms of cultures and generations, and in a precarious situation. Families were targeted, mostly young children, with playful and educative activities.

AMSED held a stand in the Esplanade neighborhood, where we has board games. Among those games, we had brought Bioviva, a fun and educational game on biodiversity and how to protect it. Many children wanted to play, curious about these matters. Participants were interested in this game, they learned many things about some matters the games reffered to (climate, animals, ecology…).


Rhubarb compote making workshop

This time on Friday, July 30, a dozen of people reunited at the end of the afternoon at the association’s garden. The group, very mixed (in terms of cultures and generations) had done many things in this workshop:

  • Maintenance work in the garden
  • Harvesting rhubarb and making compote
  • Preparation of a shared meal to close the workshop (each person brought a dish from their country of origin)
  • Moments of interaction


Each person participated in their own way, by taking care of the garden, by cooking with products from the garden, or by preparing the meal. It was a very nice and convivial moment where everyone had the opportunity to share new experiences and ideas.


Planting and seeding workshop 

Once again in small groups ( 6 people from the AIR project), on Wednesday, August 25, the participants had many things to do:

  • Garden maintenance
  • Seedlings planting (oak leaves, cauliflower and zucchini salad)
  • Seed sowing (radishes and lamb’s lettuce)


Without forgetting moments of sharing between the participants. This workshop has been effective since some of the participants didn’t know anything about gardening, so they could learn about the bases. They easily exchanged their skills and ideas.

Other maintenance works are planned throughout the month of September, as well s a pallet recovery workshop, but also one on composting.