IEUME – a successful project comes to an end


After more than two years of successful project work, the IEUME project comes to an end this spring. IEUME stands for “Empowering immigrants’ EU social and civic participation through innovative media for education” and the project was working towards achieving the goal of facilitating the integration of third country nationals into the EU.




Tools developed in the project:

  • IEUME Gamification Ecosystem and Methodological Framework (eBook)
  • IEUME Gamified Curriculum and Open Resource Toolbox
  • IEUME Digital Gamified Platform – Open educational & training e-resource
  • IEUME Skills Assessment, Validation and Recognition Tools
  • Migrants’ Civic Education in the National and EU Adult Education Policies – Adaption and Policy Package

Six partner organisations from five EU countries (Austria, Cyprus, France, Malta, Portugal) worked together to create these tools, applying their expertise and experience. To ensure usability and user-friendliness, members of the project’s target groups (migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and migrant support workers) were directly involved in the creation and adaptation of the project results through questionnaires, testing periods and feedback loops.  All tools are available for free in English and in the partner countries’ languages on the project website

In November 2020, the project received the Erasmus+ Inclusivity Distinction Award in Portugal. In April 2021, the project’s final conference took place in an online event and featured keynote speeches by members of the UNHCR Cyprus, the Ministry of Justice, Equality and Governance Malta, and the International Organisation for Migration Cyprus and Portugal as well as personal accounts from migrants in Cyprus and Austria.