ERASMUS + in 2018: Financing found for french actors in adult education

ERASMUS + in 2018 is

  • projects financed: 100% of the Partnerships Exchange of practices that can be financed in summer subsidized in 2017.
  • budget for Erasmus +: 30% extra budget for mobility activities adult education and training staff.

Erasmus + objectives corresponding to the actors of our networks, basic knowledge, key competences, intergenerational, civic, social and cultural competences, active citizenship, inclusion, etc.

  • accessible for your actors: the objectives, the activities and the results are fixed by the promoters of projects and their partners.
  • simple to manage: no compulsory co-financing and payment up to 80% of the grant
    as soon as the contract is signed.


Actors in the public or private domains active in the field of non-formal or informal adult education, general or popular education, working on themes such as basic knowledge, key skills, intergenerational, skills civic, social and cultural, active citizenship, inclusion, etc.


Mobility projects: an opportunity for adult education staff to acquire skills.

  • Employees and trainers can follow their mobility in Europe between 2 days and 2 months to train (observation courses, training seminars) or to teach. The grant application is made by establishing the attachment of the staff.
  • 2 partners minimum: a sending organization (France) and one or more host organizations (see list of member countries of the Erasmus + program)

Cooperation projects – Erasmus + partnerships:

  • The opportunity for teams and their apprentices to work together on a common theme and meet for mutually enriching exchanges.
  • An effective way to complement national public policies, including encouraging public participation for disadvantaged people, learners and people with disabilities, learners from low socioeconomic backgrounds or less advantaged areas of the city , rural revitalization zones).

Two project formats:

  • Erasmus + “Exchange of Practice” partnerships: simple projects that aim to bring together, observe and share diverse educational practices on a given subject for inspiration.
  • Erasmus + “Innovation” parternships: testing new teaching methods or testing the implementation of existing innovative practices.
  • 3 partners minimum: 3 organizations from 3 Erasmus + member countries.


  • Fab’Us “is a mobility project for managers of social centers (key action 1 of the Erasmus + program). It is worn by the Federation of Social and Sociocultural Centers of France.
    o The blog of the project:
  • How to prepare the departure social centers for mobility:
  • The origin of Space “is a partnership project of exchange of practices (key action 2 of the Erasmus + program). It is worn by the Darwinians association.
  • Presentation of the project:
  • Project website:

Radio kultura is a partner of the innovation partnership project “InclusiONDES” supported by the association Hasparren Errobi Promotions.

  • Project website:


  • For adult education mobility projects: before 1 February 2018
  • For Adult Education Partnership Projects: by March 21, 2018


For the details of the call for proposals and to be guided in the drafting of the application file:

EPALE: European, collaborative and free platform for professionals in adult education and training. Share resources, projects, partner search.

Erasmus + developers, close to you, can inform you or help you to build your project: