BRIDGE OVERT THE TIME : Roumania mobility on cultural heritage

From December 9th to December 20th, AMSED sent participants to a youth exchange called “Bridge over the Time”, organised by our Roumanian Partner Eurotunda Association. This project was focused on helping young people explore and develop a sense of “belonging,” especially those who may come from different backgrounds. There was a total of 35 young people who took part in the event, aged from 14-28 years old.

This project meets the need of young people to explore and develop a sense of ” belonging” . Not knowing the history of the origin of what is in this environment where young people grow up entails a loss of wealth that carries the concept of home. We believe that the lack of this pillar in the development of rural youth is one of the causes that lead to low confidence they have in themselves, which has as a consequence a poor adaptation and loss of opportunities that arise . Identification and intangible heritage for the development and assimilation of traditional values for a total of 35  young people from four different country, aged 14-28 years, by digging intangible heritage of traditional village store , search performed by non-formal excavations that will lead to the retrieval of individual identity , oportunitatatea to experience and develop capabilities for knowledge and learning is the focus of this project.

Participants participated in events such as storytellings, cafés, and a theater maze. The intended impact of the the project was to create a bridge between generations, in order to boost the transmission of traditions from one generation to another, and to preserve and protect our cultural heritage.