Two network meetings organised in Strasbourg

From November 8th to November 11th 2019 and then from November 28th to December the first 2019, the third and fourth meetings of the network of the year were held at the AMSED premises in Strasbourg. These meetings were for AMSED an opportunity to bring together its partners and the opportunity for the members of the AMSED network but also for young active people to meet and exchange on their future projects.
These events also allowed the exchange of good practices and invite participants to draw inspiration from projects and methods for their own structures.

The third meeting of the network, held in November, provided an opportunity to review the objectives for 2020. Thus, participants were able to highlight the objectives they had, but also the expected results and the tools they would like to use to achieve them. Proposals were then made to improve the quality of youth work within the network.

The fourth meeting of the network made it possible to review the results of 2019:
– Interview in the street on the European elections 2019
– Round table: What is the outcome of the youth awareness campaign in the 2019 European elections?

The participants of this last meeting were finally able to participate in the annual AMSED evening; the youth and diversity meetings.