COVID-19 – AMSED Manufactures Protective Masks for Social Workers

AMSED has started to manufacture protective masks for social workers, home care workers or anyone in need as a rescue solution.

Indeed, in the context of the deteriorated situation and to alleviate the shortage of care masks (surgical masks), the AMSED team, with the technical assistance of a stylist member of the association Mr. Farid Merah, has transformed its Eco couture workshop for the integration of refugees into a mask manufacturing workshop, thus joining the national solidarity movement against the Covid-19 virus.

These fabric masks limit projections (droplets, nose and mouth being covered) and contribute to the barrier gesture (hand-to-mouth transfer). The model made by the workshop composed of several layers of fabric is inspired by the pattern of fabric masks distributed by the University Hospital of Grenoble and after advice from health professionals, members of the AMSED.

We are well aware that the masks produced are not medical devices and do not have the same efficiency as surgical masks, nevertheless they allow to protect oneself and others. And hand hygiene as often as possible remains the essential measure!

For maintenance, on receipt and before use, we recommend that you wash them at 30° with a conventional detergent (washing soap) and then do so regularly to avoid the risk of indirect contamination.

In order to meet the need, we are launching an appeal for solidarity and donations: cotton fabric in the form of white sheets, soft elastic, yarn…

People wishing to make a donation are invited to send us an SMS to 0661342603 or an email to

Orders are primarily intended for social workers, professionals working at home and vulnerable people.

In addition, on request, we can also provide a free online course in mask making.