COVID-19: Certificates of Travel in Foreign Languages and Pictograms

In order for people to leave their residences and be outdoors, it is necessary that all people fill out this certificate.

These certificates should only be used to go to work when teleworking is not possible, to make essential purchases, to go to a health professional or for any other authorized reason. For any of these outings,  you must have a travel certificate.

If French is not your mother tongue, you can download certificates translated into foreign languages ​​to help you. Several languages ​​like English, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, Bengali, Chinese, and Georgian are available for download.

For people with reading or writing difficulties, it is also possible to fill out a certificate in the form of pictograms.

It is important to note that your trips must be limited to what is strictly necessary. For your safety and that of others, stay at home as much as possible.