Translated exit clearance certificates and explanatory documents ETRU

With the return of the lockdown it’s the return of the certificates! You will find below, the certificates translated into different languages (English, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Russian and Armenian) that you can download:

  1. Certificate English
  2. Certificate Arabic
  3. Certificate Romanian
  4. Certificate Spanish
  5. Certificate Turkish
  6. Certificate Armenian
  7. Certificate Russian

You will also find a certificate in ETRU language (easy to read and understand) for people who do not master the alphabet, as well as explanatory sheets in ETRU language on the virus, how to protect yourself, the signs and how to treat yourself. These sheets can be communicated to people learning French, children, people with disabilities, or people with comprehension difficulties…

  1. Certificate ETRU
  2. Unverstand Corona Virus
  3. Corona Virus how to protect yourself
  4. Corona Virus Signs
  5. Corona Virus To heal