Burkina Faso

For further information, please download the technical form of the international solidarity work camp in Burkina Faso:

Techincal Form Burkina Faso

I. Identity Card of the project

Capital: Ouagadougouburkina faso

Surface area: 274 200 km²

Population: 18 million inhabitants

Climate: Winters are hot and dry; summers are hot and wet. This climate has two different seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. The harmattan, a hot and dry wind from the Sahara, blows during the dry season. Throughout the year, temperatures vary between 17°C and 40°C.

Time difference: +1 in winter and +2 in summer

Currency: Franc CFA

People and ethnic groups: Mossi, Gurunsi, Senufo, Lobi, Bobo, Mande, Fulani

Religion: Islam 60.5%, Catholicism 19%, Animism 15.3%, Protestantism 4.2%

Language: French (official language), Moré, Fulfudé (or Peul) and Dioula

II. A few words to exchange

English Good morning Good bye Yes/No What’s your name? My name is How are you? Thank you!
Moré Néibéogo Nézabré Heyy/ Ayo Fô youlaboué ? Mom yourla Manawana? Barka !

III. Formalities

UE: Visa and passport with a six-month obligatory minimum period of validity. Short stay visas have a 90-day duration, they are delivered in Burkina Faso’s Embassy in Paris and in seven consulates in France (Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux…). For a single entry, the cost of the visa is 70€. It is not obligatory to go to the consulate personally, in order to file an application or recover the visa, a third person can do it for you.

The presented passport must have a validity superior to 6 months after the end of the stay. A flight reservation is necessary to obtain the visa. For further information, this is the embassy website: http://www.ambaburkina-fr.org/

IV. Health

It is strongly advised:

  • To update the following vaccinations: Diphtheria, Tetanus, Poliomyelitis, typhoid fever, yellow fever, viral hepatitis A and B.
  • To have an anti- meningococcal vaccination up to date
  • It is recommended to have a medical treatment against malaria, a disease transmitted by mosquito bites. Malaria also requires individual protection (spray, cream, electric diffuser, mosquito net…).

V. Security

  • Be careful about photographs (always ask for people’s opinion beforehand)
  • Avoid walking and riding moped, in isolation, after sunset
  • Hide the bags, especially while riding two-wheeled vehicles, and avoid wearing a back pack.
  • Avoid having your passport, change and pay card in the same bag
  • Be discreet while getting out your wallet in public areas.
  • Lock doors and windows of the vehicles
  • In case of assault, don’t resist, and then call “17” for police assistance.

Regarding the regional security context in Northern Mali, displacements in the northern area of Burkina Faso are not recommended. For further information, check the website of the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

VI. For further information


http://www.gouvernement.gov.bf/spip.php The official website of the Embassy gives you political, economic, cultural, social and diplomatic information. They are offered by the Prime Minister’s services and the management of ministers’ communication.

http://www.routard.com/guide/code_dest/burkina_faso.htm Culture, cooking, climate, accommodation, transportation, leisure, visits, etc.

http://livre.fnac.com/a1775896/Bernard-Zongo-Parlons-moore-burkina-faso-cd Basic dictionary (paying)