Newsletters European Cultural Heritage: Austria

The year 2018 is dedicated to European cultural heritage and its promotion on the continent and beyond its borders!

What are this year’s goals?

The initiative aims to highlight the economic, social and historical importance of Europe’s cultural heritage. The main objective is to strengthen the sense of belonging to a European citizenship and in this perspective the Commission targets specifically children and young people, as well as those furthest from cultural activities. Another stated aim is to encourage exchanges between countries on good practices for the protection and enhancement of heritage.

The April 2018 Tackling TREE: Terrorism, Radicalism, Extremism training course

A new big project for AMSED and its European partners: a training to fight terrorism, radicalism and extremist movements in Europe. During this meeting, the participants were led to reflect together on the causes of these movements and on the means to put an end to them. This training course appears as essential, responding to the current dangers threatening the existence of Europe.

Here you can find the enhancement of Austria’s cultural heritage!

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