For further information, please download the technical form of the international solidarity work camp in Morocco: FT MAROC ESSAOUIRAA

I. Identity Card of the project

Capital: RabatImage3

Surface area: 446 550 km²

Population: 32 million inhabitants

Climate: Winter can be very cold. Spring and fall are the best seasons to visit Fes. Maximal average temperatures vary between 24°C and 11°C. In summer, maximal average temperatures rise to 36°C.

Time difference: none

Currency: Dirham

People and ethnic groups: Berbers and Amazighs are native ethnic groups of Northern Africa

Religion: Islam for 98.7% of the population

Language: Moroccans speak Arabic, but a lot of inhabitants also speak French.

II. A few words to exchange


Good morning Good bye Excuse me Please Yes/No Thank you


Salam Alikoum Béslama Assif Min fadlak (homme) Min fadlik (femme) Na-am/La Shokrân

III. Formalities

For a stay equal to or less than three months, a valid passport is needed. For groups, national identity card is enough.

IV. Health

No vaccination is required.

V. Security

Be careful to the consequences linked to sun and heat exposure. It is advised to stay away from dogs, given the rabies frequency. Diseases transmitted by water or food are frequent. You should avoid swimming in standing freshwater.

You should carry your bag with a shoulder strap. Don’t put any wallet in the back pockets of your trousers. Pickpockets use a universal technique that is generally applied with an accomplice’s help: the first one draws attention away while the second one steals your wallet.

VI. For further information

Description: The official website of the Embassy gives you political, economic, cultural, social and diplomatic information. They are offered by the Prime Minister’s services and the management of ministers’ communication. Culture, cooking, climate, accommodation, transportation, leisure, visits, etc. Dictionary to learn the language (free)