Climate Generation: Youth Solidarity to meet the climate challenge

To give youth, envy and the means to commit to the climate, the FNH and the FORIM launch “Génération Climat”

Sensitizing young people to the challenges of climate change and the resulting inequalities, encouraging them to become actors of solidarity and assisting them in the definition and implementation of projects in France or abroad are the objectives of the Climate Generation Program. Designed by the Foundation for Nature and Man (created by Nicolas Hulot) and the Forum of International Solidarity Organizations (FORIM), “Génération Climat” is aimed at young people aged 15-35. On the web and in the field, many tools and various activities are proposed to them. From reflection to action, every effort is made to stimulate the desire to act and to promote the implementation of initiatives against climate change.


From the idea to the implementation of the project, through its formulation and its financing, the site concentrates many key information, and in particular:

  • Videos and educational files to understand climate change on four themes: agriculture, waste management, energy and deforestation.
  • Testimonials from young people who have carried out their projects to give ideas and benchmarks on the type of initiatives possible.
  • A map listing the coordinates of many actors / associations that are likely to accompany young people throughout the country.
  • Practical factsheets to benefit from first advice to build your project: How to create your association? What is a junior association? How to raise or finance his project?


Associations of young people, international solidarity or environmental education … A network of some 20 actors Relay Génération Climat organizes events everywhere in France to inform and support young people wishing to engage:

  • Information days to understand the links and impacts of climate change on agriculture, energy, waste management and deforestation;
  •  Discussion forums with solution providers to outline the initiatives they have implemented;
  •  Workshops to accompany the assembly of field projects.


To accompany the project promoters, Génération Climat offers three financial support schemes: Acting in France, Acting as a Civic Service, Acting internationally. To apply, simply fill in one of the three forms corresponding to each of the devices, on To benefit from this, the action must combine the fight against climate change and solidarity in France or internationally.

Up to 1000 euros for Acting in France

Open to a group of young people under 35 years of age, composed of a minimum of 3 persons.

Grants for Acting on Civic Service

Open to young people aged 16 to 25. Génération Climat offers the opportunity to carry out its project within the framework of a 6-month civic service mission in France and / or abroad, by compensating the host organization for 1500 € and by paying compensation Monthly for the volunteer.

Up to € 10,000 for International Business

This program is open to a youth association that carries out a project to combat climate change and international solidarity abroad.

The relay actors of the Génération Climat program:

COSIM Languedoc Roussillon, COSIM Rhône-Alpes, CPIE APIEU, Espace Paris Jeunes Belleville, Espace Paris Jeunes Davout, Espace Paris Jeunes Belleville, Paris Espace Jeunes Davout, Students & Development, Migration & Development, Youth Mulhousing Office, Platform of Franco-Haitian Associations, REFEDD, Touiza Solidarity, 3PA.