E-learning for EVS – Training course in Greece

As part of our Erasmus + project “E-learning ofr EVS” in partnership with 11 European countries, (a reminder of the launch of the project: http://network.amsed.fr/en/e-learning-for-sve- launch meeting/). We held the first training in Lefkada in Greece with our partner Solidarity Tracks.

Bringing together more than 37 participants from each partner country (Italy, France, Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Spain, Hungary, Portugal, Poland, Romania) directly involved in EVS action (tutor, supervisor, former volunteer, service civic …) we concretely started the project with the creation of the e-platform of the project and the creation by the participants of the 7 themes of the e-platformform e-esform online courses: e-esc.eu. Participants acquired different skills on the principle of moodle and e-learning. A graphic magazine presenting each stage of the training, the working methods used and the expected results was created: https://issuu.com/solidarity_tracks_lefkada/docs/graphic_facilitation_greece. The participants during this training created a teaching manual on the operating methods of the platform available on the following link: https://www.calameo.com/read/00574855689da0c114cf1

Find below the film of this training and go to Strasbourg on June 24 for the second round of this training, with the same participants, who will become our future E-Mentors for EVS!

This online platform: https://e-esc.eu/ is intended to train future students on various topics related to their volunteering, such as: working with children, how to improve and enhance their skills, the arrival and the future. adaptation to one’s host country:

The participants took part in the creation of these online trainings on various topics (before, during and at the end of the stage), a toolkit for activities for EVS (interactive). During this training, the participants began to create 7 different online courses that will be finalized in Strasbourg during the third mobility, find each activity prepared during this training (energizer, expert, testimony, definition, presentation, evaluation, discovery ) on the Facebook page dedicated to the project: https://www.facebook.com/groups/802219256652696/