Erasmus Day Celebration

May is the month of Europe, and that means celebration! That is just what AMSED and young people from all over the world did on May 5th, 2018! A huge party was held at the Lieu D’Europe in Strasbourg, France. Coordinated by Strasbourg and ESN Strasbourg, the event was also supported by many associations like AMSED as well.

In the afternoon, the European Celebration entailed an engaging city walk. This walk sought to show the participants around the city, and point out important places in the different neighborhoods, and discuss European mobility. AMSED sent two of its own to the city walks.


The day was not just planned to walk around Strasbourg, however. At the end of the long day, there was a great party! These festivities were intended to specifically the Erasmus program, an amazing tool in Europe since the 1980’s, which has allowed countless young people to participate in amazing cultural exchanges.  It offered the opportunity for people to try dishes from other countries, talk about their stories, and truly encourage participation in Erasmus exchange!