Urban Walks of the European Heritage

As part of the European Youth Event (EYE) 2018, we organized on June 1st and 2nd, two urban strolls around the theme: Strasbourg the European. The event brought together over 8,000 young Europeans visiting our city, discussing current issues and finding solutions.

The walks were written specifically for this event and had a triple objective. First of all, they tend to enable young people to highlight the richness of Europe’s cultural heritage, thus contributing to the construction of a strong European identity by its diversity. On the other hand it was to sensitize the participants to the EYE to the discovery of the European heritage in Strasbourg (Cathedral, Place of Europe, Neustadt, European Institutions, historical actors of the European project …), to the cultural diversity and the places of life of Strasbourg inhabitants. Finally, it was necessary to encourage the involvement of young people in the promotion and preservation of European heritage, while developing their spirit of initiative and creativity through methods of learning and mobilization.
Thus, young volunteers of AMSED have invested themselves in the running and organization of these walks. Their positive testimonials make this event a memorable experience for everyone. One of the guides, Yasmin Aazami said:

“It was a fun experience for us and for the participants, at first we were afraid of being out in the rain and thunderstorms given the super unpredictable weather of the last few days but we were lucky! We had no communication problems and we even tried to answer the questions that the participants asked us. Their questions also showed us that there was some interest and at the end of each walk we had positive feedback. (“It was great, thank you” for example, and it was nice). Being able to meet young people from all over Europe was what I liked the most. Walking from one place to another we could discuss on different topics, it was nice! “

This view is a general opinion and other warm testimonials from the guides were sent after setting up the walks. But what has been the real success of these walks is that this opinion was shared by visitors from different European countries. Here are some excerpts from these testimonials.

“I took part in the urban walks and I really liked this activity! At first it was an activity that was different from the activities in Parliament and the fact that we were outside was good!
I also liked that we did not only visit the European district, but also many other places where I would never have been otherwise – for example the Rhine Garden with the bridge of Europe was a great idea! So also congratulations for the information you have prepared ahead – not too much, not too little. The guides were also super friendly and helpful! “

– Virginia Schmidt

“I really enjoyed the walk. The girls were superfriendly and calm during the walk and the explanation of the buildings was informative. Sometimes they made it a bit more interactive with some quizes – that was fun!”

– Kaatje De Geest

Thanks to all these testimonials, AMSED can work more to support the positive points of the ride and develop it even more. A possible implementation on a regular basis is to be expected.